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Type and function of Cage Terminal

The types of PCB terminal blocks are distinguished according to the mode of connection. Some cage terminal makes contact connection of screw and cage terminal with lead wires. Some kind of cage terminal use of shrapnel to make contact with lead wires. And another kind of cage terminal is connected to the external conductor through U-shaped terminals.

As the first mode of connection is the most popular in the market, we will discuss how cage terminal function in the whole terminal block.

 The Lead wire enters cage terminal through the jack, the screw is then torqued, and under the pressure of the screw, the wire is securely fixed in the cage terminal, thus ensuring a permanent connection to the conductive parts. Commonly used materials are copper, iron package and zinc alloy. 

  On the one hand, in this process, the cage terminal plays a role in fixing the lead wire, on the other hand, it also provides sufficient contact force for the wire and the conductive parts. Contact force is one of the important factors in the role of terminal blocks, if the contact force is too low, between the wire and the conductive sheet will produce displacement, resulting in oxidation pollution, so that the contact resistance increases and lead to overheating. Therefore, if there is no sufficient contact pressure, the use of the best conductive materials will not help. The product connection in the terminal to apply 0.22-0.25Nm of torque to the screw, it can produce up to several hundred Nm of actual contact force, And the force has nothing to do with the section of the wire. Therefore, the use of cage terminal has no environmental impact, large contact area, large contact force of permanent connection.

Shanghai Malio use SPCC Cold rolled steel sheets as material of cage terminal and take electroplating technology, white zinc/Nickel/Tin/Blue white zinc, colored zinc plating available. With years of manufacturing and designing experiences, we welcome any customized orders.


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Post time: Sep-22-2022