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EAC002C-P1 Precision Current Transformer UL94-V0


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Product Name Precision Current Transformer UL94-V0
P/N EAC002C-P1
Installation method PCB
Primary Current 2A
Turns Ratio 1:450
Accuracy 1 Class
Load Resistance 10Ω
Core Material Ultracrystalline
Phase Error <15'
Insulation resistance >1000MΩ (500VDC)
Insulation withstand voltage 4000V 50Hz/60S
 Operating Frequency 50Hz~400Hz
  Operating Temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
Encapsulant Epoxy
Outer Case  Flame Retardant rating UL94-V0
Application Power transducer, Electronic energy meter, precision power meter and other power and energy monitoring devices
Over current protection circuit of motor and other electrical appliances.


Secondary output with pin make CT can be mounted directly on the PCB, easy integration, saving production cost

Big inner hole, suitable for any primary cables and bus bars

Encapsulated with epoxy resin, high insulation and isolation capacity, moisture and shock resistant

Wide linearity range, high output current accuracy and good consistency

Made of PBT flame retardant plastic casing

RoHS Compliance is available on request

Different casing colors available on request



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