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Current sampling principle of manganin copper shunt

Manganin copper shunt is the core resistance component of electricity meter, and electronic electricity meter is rapidly entering our life with the continuous development of smart home industry. More and more families begin to use the electricity meter produced by manganin copper shunt. Through this kind of electricity meter, the electricity metering way in the past is changed. The electricity meter produced by this shunt has been widely used in many countries. Today, we will understand the current sampling principle of manganin copper shunt and how to realize the current value measurement.


Manganese-copper shunt applies current sampling principle of energy meter

The current sampling of electronic watt-hour meter includes two modes: current transformer sampling and manganese-copper shunt sampling.  The measurement of live wire current is usually achieved by using manganese-copper shunt element.  The neutral line current is sampled by the current transformer. Based on the knowledge of electromagnetism and the characteristics of the transformer, we can know that the power-frequency magnetic field has almost no influence on the current transformer, while it has a great influence on the manganese-copper shunt.

Post time: Jul-12-2022