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Trilliant partners with SAMART to deploy AMI in Thailand

Advanced metering and smart grid systems solutions provider Trilliant has announced their partnership with SAMART, a Thai group of companies which focuses on telecommunications.

The two are joining hands to deploy advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) for the Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand (PEA).

PEA Thailand awarded the contract to STS Consortium comprising SAMART Telcoms PCL and SAMART Communication Services.

Andy White, chairman & CEO of Trilliant, stated: “Our platform allows for the deployment of hybrid-wireless technologies that can be used effectively with a variety of applications, allowing utilities to provide top level service to their customers. Partnering with SAMART allows us to deliver our software platform to support multiple meter brand deployments.”

“The (selection of products) from Trilliant…has strengthened our solution offerings to PEA. We look forward to our long-term partnership and future collaboration in Thailand,” added Suchart Duangtawee, EVP of SAMART Telcoms PCL.

This announcement is the latest by Trilliant in regards to their smart meter and AMI deployment in the APAC region.

Trilliant has reportedly connected more than 3 million smart meters for customers in India and Malaysia, with plans to deploy an additional 7 million meters over the next three years through existing partnerships.

According to Trilliant, the addition of PEA marks how their technology will soon be deployed in millions of new homes, aiming to support utilities with reliable access to electricity for their customers.

By Yusuf Latief-Smart energy

Post time: Jul-26-2022